We Are Us is a performance piece on the idea of unity, its many meanings, as well as its fragility. Communication is part of human behavior as well as the need to be together. This need to be together leads us to construct an imaginary of unity and togetherness alongside with the struggle around the desire of individual power.



We Are Us is the emptiness and fragility of unity when we found ourselves alone and angry. We are many featured and unpredictable selves and all their intersubjectivities. We are a lot of them. We are a social project. We can be one and one can be us. We live under notions of togetherness all around: the city, the neighborhood, the school, the sports team, the literary meetings, the concerts, the theatre, dance and performance pieces, the cinema, the hunting, the political party, friends, family, rituals, territory, fight, war. The sense of belonging to a group. The sense of not being alone. Meanwhile we are, in fact, alone in our sense of self.



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