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I and I

"Tell me and me and me and me and me, and to all who say that are me too, but is still lacking the I and I and I and I and I. "

Through a sequence of possibilities of reflection on a possible look while puppetting me. To set us in a non concrete place. To find a methodology inside a universe with properties of some softness at the border.

A lecture of a pathway towards a logic of constructing a performance. Suggestion of methodology to be followed: 1. without deciding, to accept the first conceptual picture, i.e., a concept associated with a need. 2. think of some concrete tri-dimensional sub-images consisting in the creation of environments from the initial conceptual image. 3. scroll through each of the sub-imagens and make a reflection on possibilities for movement inserted in each environment. 4. to inspire deeply, exhaling all and stop. Go to step 1 again and again and again and again.

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